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Honest Ruggable Review

When Ruggable rugs first came on the market a few years ago, I didn’t think much of them. I saw reviews of Ruggable and didn’t think much of it. Most of the reviews seemed negative at first and we loved the hardwood floors in our old house.

Now let’s rewind a few years. I live on a farm with animals. My two kids are like tornadoes walking and talking, spilling and spilling everywhere. Our pet dog developed a problem before passing away last year. Our new puppies took a while to get used to being potty trained. And let’s not forget the chickens. Every once in a while, someone puts their shoes in the living room (which is totally off-limits to me) after running outside to take care of the chickens and the garden.

The big, beautiful plush rug we bought when we moved in (which you can see here) was broken, and I couldn’t stand the smell and feel of it under my feet. We threw it out, thinking we could live without carpet for a while. We had done it before and could do it again.

But in this house, with its midnight black hardwood floors that are impossible to clean, we had never done it before.

A few weeks after we got rid of our beautiful carpet, I was driving myself crazy with the Swiffer and all the dirt that is 100% visible on dark hardwood.  Every time it rained, the dogs would come in and leave dirt, even after wiping their feet. Every speck of dust, lint and stain that wasn’t perfectly cleaned was visible on these floors.

I couldn’t take it anymore either.

I went to buy a Ruggable rug. They didn’t pay me or give it to me for any kind of in-kind service. I paid full price, so I thought I would give you an honest review of Ruggable. Here’s what I think:

What is a Ruggable rug?

If you’ve never heard of Ruggable, you may be wondering what it’s all about. The point of Ruggable is that you can wash carpets. They are thin polyester carpets with a waterproof polyurethane barrier and a removable backing.

The backing of the mat is essentially rubber. It is made of recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber, a latex-free synthetic material that is also used in the manufacture of yoga mats.

The cushioned mat can be removed and put in the washing machine like a blanket – even the 8×10.

They are thin

For me, this is a positive and negative aspect of this Ruggable review. I like that they are thin because they look more like an old rug you’d find at a thrift store. And of course, they have to be thin so you can wash them.

And, of course, that’s why they’re not as comfortable as a rug with a higher pile or more padding. Yes, there is a floor mat that is sold with the rugs, but it is more of a rubber mat. It is 1/8 inch thick and is used to hold the mat in place, not to make it more comfortable.

I know that Ruggable has now introduced a thicker high pile mat in two styles. This one might be more comfortable to sit on.

The important thing is that the top part, the rug with the pattern you see every day, looks like a thin blanket.

They are expensive

Honestly, I was a little surprised by their price. I paid about $400 for our 8×10 rug. I used to buy all my rugs at Target and they were always under $100. Since I have pets and kids, expensive rugs are not something I would have ever considered before.

Because of the price shock, I hesitated and procrastinated for a few weeks. Finally, I pushed the button and bought it because I couldn’t live with the black floors anymore. However, I think they are too expensive for what you get. But if it saves me from having to buy a new carpet every year, then maybe I’ll save money in the long run?

Ruggable Pros:

Removable, washable cover

They have a removable, waterproof cover and stay put with a Velcro mat that you can peel off when you want to wash it. It’s perfect for the dining room table where food is often spilled.

I was able to machine wash (cold) and dry (low heat) the mat in less than two hours.

Interchangeable covers for a different look

The covers are interchangeable. So if you want to change your look and buy a new cover, you can still use the existing mat.

Non-slip super-grip padding

The mat does not move on my tile floor. All of my previous rugs slid on the tile floor and even with a regular rug underneath, but the Ruggable rug is very grippy. I even tested it by kicking it and trying to move it. This makes it easy and suitable for the high traffic areas.

Easy to vacuum

They are very easy to vacuum and/or clean with a regular vacuum or a robot vacuum if you don’t want to put everything in the machine.

Ruggable Cons:

Many coarse carpets are very fine

The carpets are very fine. If you want a fluffy, super-soft carpet, this is not for you. I think it’s absolutely perfect for the underside of a dining table because you definitely don’t want a fluffy rug there when chairs have to move around on it.

(UPDATE: Ruggable now makes washable shag rugs that are softer).

Limited designs

Limited Designs. I wish there were more design options, and I think the designs are somewhat limited since they can’t have much texture or fringe for the washability factor, but since this is a relatively new brand, I’m sure more designs will appear over time.

(UPDATE: Recently, the brand has launched a wide range of kid-friendly designs in collaboration with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, and is also working with Jonathan Adler).

More expensive than regular carpet / Less expensive for longevity.

It’s a bit pricey, more expensive than I normally spend on a rug. But it’s cheaper if you already own a rug. Sometimes you can get discounts. And for its potential longevity, it’s worth it if you have a messy/cluttered house.

They feel good

Even though these aren’t rugs you’d feel comfortable on, our Ruggable rug feels good under my bare feet. It is soft, which makes it more comfortable to sit on. Both of our dogs like to lie on it as well.

The look of our Ruggable rug

Ruggable offers many different styles and patterns for their rugs, and you can find a good mix of modern, geometric, traditional, and other rug styles. It’s a huge advantage for anyone reading this Ruggable review. Our family room rug, the Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug, is one of the more traditional rugs. You can find it {ICI}.

I chose this rug because my home is more traditional. Of course, there are some modern elements, but overall our farmhouse is decorated in a more traditional way.

Also, the colors of the Hendesi rug matched well with the colors in my family room. My sofas are blue/gray and my walls are gray from Sherwin Williams. Our old rug was solid gray, and I didn’t want to go through that again. Honestly, I’m a little tired of gray and there is way too much of it in my family room. I love that this rug brings in blue, cream, and light beige.

I’ve also been thinking about the Delphina Delft Blue rug and the Sima Royal Blue rug to bring in more warm colors and elements.

Sizing options

In my opinion, there are not enough sizing options on Ruggable yet. I ordered a rug in 8×10 because that was the largest size. Our old rug was much larger and we were able to put both of our sofas on it, so it held them and the rug in place. I would have preferred to order a 10×12 or even a 12×14. However, I’m not sure I could have afforded those rugs. Also, you may not be able to put it in the washing machine after a certain size, which detracts from the value of the item.

The ability to change the design

One feature of Ruggable that I personally love is the fact that you can purchase the covers for the rug separately from the pillows. This means that now that I only have one pillow, I can change the covers throughout the year and change them to suit the season. No need to buy a new pillow every time you buy a new cover.

And because the covers are so thin, they are easy to fold and store in the linen closet with towels, blankets, and sheets.

Note, however, that the $170 price tag for a new rug cover at Ruggable is a real shocker.

Overall Verdict

Would I buy another Ruggable rug? Yes. I am considering buying one for my brick floor office to make it more inviting.

Would I recommend Ruggable to you? Yes, if you can afford it and if you have pets, children, or spouses who like to make a mess.

Do you think it was worth it?

So far, yes. I am very happy with the look and feel of the Ruggable rug. I wish some things were different, and I want to see how it performs after the first wash, and I want to see how the edge spinning performs. BUT, I would love to buy the Hendesi rug again.


We washed the rug and I am very pleased with the wash! The edges are no longer frayed, it was not wrinkled and we were able to put it on the cushion without any problems. Kevin said that in the future we should only buy rugs that are made for carpets. I agree with him. I want to buy one for both of the kids’ rooms, my office, and our basement to renovate {CLICK HERE!} when it’s finished! Thank you so much for stopping by today, my friends! I hope to see you all again.