Musto Review 2023 – The King of Outdoor Clothing


Musto, the leading supplier of outdoor clothing and sponsor of Skandia Team GBR, offers a wide range of technical and casual clothing for sailing, shooting and riding. Discover our waterproof jackets, softshell jackets, gilets and GORE-TEX jackets.

In the spring of 1995, a friend and I were asked to transfer a 51-foot X-yacht from Stockholm to Hankø in southeastern Norway. I was only 18 years old at the time. There was still snow and it was quite cold. As you would expect in Scandinavia at that time of year. To reach the shipment in time, we had to sail under the motor for days.

Musto Review 2023

I needed good foul weather gear, so I used my savings to buy the top of the line Ocean Jacket and salopette style pants from Musto. The plan was to offset the cost of this huge investment I was making at the time with my salary from my delivery job.

Now, when I add up all the years I’ve used Musto gear, I have to say it was really worth it. I will probably never own such fantastic gear again. 

And the amazing thing is that I plan on using the jacket for a few more years! 

Unfortunately, the pants ripped a few years ago and are beyond repair. I think I can still sew them and put some patches on them and they will last a few more years, but I will now use a different pair of pants. 

If I can use them for more than 30 years, the annual cost of this type of sailing clothing is extremely low. 

Musto clothing is used for sailing, of course, but also for fishing, working on the boat and being on the water in general. Musto jacket and pants have been soaked with blood, guts, oil and varnish. 

During the winter months, my friends and I set nets and fish traps almost every weekend from October to April. Temperatures might drop to -20 degrees Celsius. Add to that a whipping north breeze, snow, ice and water temperatures around 1 degree, and the Musto gear has survived some tough conditions.

The jacket is made of nylon and has a bright yellow color. It consists of 3 layers. A waterproof outer layer of nylon, a second inner layer of a windproof material and a third, thinner layer for comfort.  

UV radiation has faded the color a bit over the years, but I’m still easily visible at sea.

The fabric itself has remained waterproof over all these years. The problem, as to be expected after so many years, is that the seams don’t hold up as well. The Velcro along the zipper and in front of the side pockets are starting to come loose. I think this can be easily fixed by a tailor.

The jacket came with a strap, but I removed it many years ago as it made the jacket uncomfortable. I would rather wear an external harness if necessary. 

There are large reflexes on each shoulder.  There is also a vertical reflex on the chest.

The roll-up, bright fluorescent hood is well constructed, and wearing a wool hat in winter is not a problem. It is capped to prevent rainwater from dripping down your face. The hood is very close fitting and adjustable. 

The front cargo pockets have waterproof closures and 2 fleece lined hand warmer pockets. Very practical when it is cold. There is also a large inside zippered pocket. I consider these waterproof and keep my cell phone and expensive items there. 

The collar design, if you will, is one of the best features of this jacket. When you zipper it all the way up, it fits snugly around your neck. The inside is lined with fleece. You can also fold the collar further out and close the storm flap. The collar then covers the face up to the nose in the front and almost to the crown in the back.

The zipper is very sturdy and has never given any problems. Even after years of wearing it in sub-freezing temperatures. Outside the zipper is a massive storm flap and therein lies probably the durable quality of the zipper.