Litter Robot Review: Most High Tech Litter Boxes


This is a detailed investigation of the Litter Robot fully automated self-cleaning litter box. Read our full Litter Robot 2022 review for all the details about this innovative technological invention! Litter Robot Discount codes are available here at The Branded Review. Check out all the verified Litter-Robot promo codes 2022 and save on your purchases.

There are several self-cleaning, fully automatic litter boxes on the market. Yet the Litter Robot should be seriously considered, not only because of its appearance but also because of its price. When you ask any Facebook community “What is the best self-cleaning litter box?” this one is the number one recommendation.

To take it a step further, let’s examine the mechanics and construction of this type of space gadget! Keep reading our review for amazing Litter Robot coupons!

Litter Robot Review 2022 – Description

The Litter Robot is a device that aims to manage what is perhaps the most difficult aspect of being a cat owner (in our case, many cat owners): litter box cleaning.

It measures 68 centimeters wide, 62 centimeters in diameter, 74 centimeters high and weighs about 10 kilograms. It is obvious from the start that it is huge. It is somewhat intimidating to a cat and can take up a lot of space when viewed.

Robotic Litter Box Review

It is made of solid plastic, and the quality of the unit is quite good based on its look and feel alone, and its longevity is evident in its construction.

It’s ideal for multi-cat families like ours, as you won’t have to worry about different cats stealing the expensive $450 cat bowl.

Litter Robot Discounts – how does the machine work?

Let’s get down to business. To put it simply, the Litter Robot is a sphere placed on top of a box. The box has a section for cat waste, enclosed in a plastic bag. The sphere is the area in which your cat walks. Its bottom is covered with rubber and marked with a line indicating the optimal amount of cat litter.

When a cat enters the sphere, the robot’s sensors detect its existence. As long as an animal is inside, the machine does not move or turn (in theory). When your cat arrives, the robot’s control screen turns from standby blue to red, indicating that it has detected the presence of a cat. When your pet leaves, the robot counts down from seven minutes (adjustable) to give the kitty plenty of time to get rid of it before the cleaning cycle begins.

On the bright side, the device has an eight-hour sleep mode that can be set according to your sleeping habits. This prevents the gadget from purring and waking you up when your beloved dogs are doing their business at 4am.

Discount code Little Robot – Features


The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is unlike any other cat litter box on the market. It looks like it’s from another planet and has a unique construction and design compared to a standard or self-cleaning litter box.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect – Price: $549 on Litter Robot

Easy to Clean

The Litter Robot carefully cleans and sifts the litter box while your cat is relieving itself. You can also set an automatic timer for it to initiate a cleaning cycle if necessary. The amount of time to wait before it starts its cleaning cycle after use can be set between 3 and 15 minutes, with a default setting of 7 minutes.

The globe will then begin to spin and the litter will begin to move as it gently pushes all the litter through the screen to empty it and just the cat litter into the litter bag. The best part about this litter box machine is that it doesn’t leave extra litter pieces, unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, because the screen does a great job of sifting through the litter.

Thorough Cleaning It is also necessary to clean the entire litter box at least once every three months. The only problem is that you have to take everything apart to clean the inside of the gadget, then put it back together. This can be time consuming, but reassembling is effortless.


The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is certainly built from solid materials, as it prides itself on its durability and endurance. So you won’t have to worry about the mechanism breaking quickly.


The only drawback of this hi-tech gadget is its price. It is quite expensive, with the base model costing $449 and the Connect feature costing an additional $449. But if you use the Litter Robot promo code, you can get an extra discount on your purchase!

Litter Robot Coupon Code

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the scoop troop, then you need a Litter Robot in your life. It’s the ultimate game changer for you and your pet! Use our exclusive Litter Robot discount code to get an extra discounted price on your purchase!

The Final Thought The Litter Robot is the perfect addition to my pet care routine because it saves me so much time! I just fill the globe every 5-6 days, and that’s it! And don’t forget to empty the litter bag, haha! Overall, this machine is the perfect solution for maintaining a clean space for your pet’s litter box!