Figs Review 2023: The Best Professional Medical Clothing

As a professional healthcare provider, you’re just as responsible for caring for your patients as you are for caring for your own wardrobe. And in this Figs test report, you’ll learn what you really need in your wardrobe to be ready for action 24/7.

Figs surgical garments are a step ahead of regular healthcare garments. There are many reasons for this, and of course, by the end of this post, you’ll start to love Figs scrubs!

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A History – Fig’s Scrubs Review

Heather Hasson, co-CEO and co-founder of Fig’s Scrubs, had an “aha” moment about ten years ago when she was having coffee with a friend and nurse. She couldn’t believe her friend was working 16 hours a day in boxy, scratchy, uncomfortable scrubs while serving others. And to make the situation even more unhealthy, she had no way to improve her circumstances.

Heather couldn’t help but think about how many equipment companies are dedicated to giving professional athletes every advantage they can, using cutting-edge materials and creating purpose-driven designs. What about the people who save lives, she wondered? Who takes care of them?

Heather, who has a background in fashion, set out to change the industry by designing technologically innovative clothing and items for today’s medical professionals. At the same time, she realized that gown design and distribution were outdated and ripe for change, and that medical professionals needed innovative, useful products and a cost-effective distribution model tailored to their specific needs.

She quickly teamed up with Trina Spear, co-CEO and co-founder, to not only improve scrubs, but to completely transform healthcare and empower and recognize the people who do this important work.

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Efficient technical clothing – Figs Coupon Codes

They prioritize their customers serving people in medical centers and other institutions. The best material is used for tailoring Figs gowns. To increase durability, the supervised staff leaves the hard work to the machines. From lacing to finishing, every step of knitting, sewing and finishing is automated. And all these processes guarantee you 100% performance of medical gowns.

What you wear is your performance!

That’s true! The connection between the garment and the performance is very close. Your performance is somewhat dependent on the garment you wear. That is why when you place your first order with Figs, you will receive a great discount for the benefit of humanity!

The more elegantly you are dressed, the better your performance will be!

Your choice of duty attire plays an important role in your daily performance. You may not see it, but it’s how you look that drives you exponentially. And since we’re talking about healthcare here, it’s anecdotal to say that medical attire has nothing to do with performance.

Once you feel the ultimate impact of Figs, you won’t want to take off Figs clothing. That’s a verdict from the Figs review!

Nepal Slim Jogger Scrub Pants – Ladies

Women's Nepal Slim Jogger Scrub Pants

The Nepal Slim Jogger Scrub Pants are your only salvation when you have a busy schedule and so much to do! The 12 pockets meet all your needs to carry your stuff. The cotton fabric is soft, durable and technical so you never feel exhausted. The stretch content is second to none, and it’s also one of Figs’ best scrubs!

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Chisec Long Sleeve Scrub Top – Men’s

Men's Chisec Long Sleeve Scrub Top

There are times when a long sleeve top is all you need. The Chisec Scrub Top is made for such desires. Be bolder during your shift and draw attention with every step you take.

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Reviews from customers

“I really enjoy working in the Figs garment. My shift goes over 12 hours, but sometimes it takes me 16 hours to leave the hospital. Then I feel comfortable in these scrubs because the fabric is so soft and airy.”

“Bravo Figs! I really love that their technical nursing gowns touch the sky. I didn’t know about the performance of their gowns until I ordered one last month. The gowns are clean and durable, of course. I think they are really adorable and would definitely recommend them.

Final Words

Gowns aside, I believe that every healthcare worker should take care of themselves and keep a log of their dress habits. It is true that while we save others, we sometimes cause ourselves pain. This is true of regular surgical attire as well. You never know when you’ve reached the end of your patience. With Figs gowns, you’ll be calmly dressed throughout your shift and won’t feel the fatigue that comes from an intense workload.