Useful Tips for the Design of Bouquets of Dried Flowers

Bouquets of Dried Flowers

Dried flower bouquets look absolutely stunning because of their classic look and vintage beauty. Some people think that dead or wilted flowers are like dried flowers, but that is not the case. While it is true that dried flowers are not fresh or hand-picked, they are not dead.

Guide to creating dried flower bouquets

Whether you want to turn a greeting, flower delivery, or other floral arrangement into a beautiful bouquet at home, all you have to do is follow these tips.

Choose the right flowers

First, you need to dry the flowers. So save the bouquet that you get. All kinds of flowers can be dried, and some flowers are easy to dry, but still choose the right flowers for your vintage bouquet. It’s good to look for fresh flowers that have just bloomed. It is best not to use flowers that have already matured after full bloom.

Do not use wilted flowers, as their petals will fall off and you will not be able to make bouquets from them. Use flowers with long and straight stems as they are dry and easy to tie.

Flowers with low humidity are always a good choice

Low moisture flowers such as rosebuds, sunflowers, baby’s breath, hydrangeas, etc. are easy to dry and can be a good choice. Dried rose petals are highly appreciated for romantic dried flower bouquets. You can choose carnations or peonies. They also have a high moisture content and are easy to dry.

Once the flowers are dried, separate them into fillers, focal points and accents.

Once you have dried the flowers, you should sort them into what you choose as accents, focal points and fillers.

Remove all leaves from the base of all stems

All leaves should be removed from the base of the stem and all long stems should be kept straight.

Start arranging skillfully

Once you have all the dried flowers, you should start arranging them wisely. The most eye-catching and beautiful flowers should be the center of attention, so put them in the middle and then place them with the dried plants or fillers. It’s important not to keep the bouquet too tight, as this will limit the opportunities to add to the bouquet.

Accentuate with flowers

There are some flowers that can enhance the beauty of a bouquet. You can choose them to enhance the whole beauty of the bouquet. You can choose orchids, cellulose and baby breath that can make your bouquet of dried flowers extra beautiful.

Adding accent flowers will also make the dried flower bouquet longer and look thicker.

Tie your dried flower bouquet to the twins.

Once you have all the dried flowers and plants arranged, you should untie the entire arrangement with twins. Do not tie it too tightly or too loosely or it will lose its natural shape.

Tie the whole bouquet

Cut the stems of the bouquet evenly before wrapping it in beautiful paper and carefully arranging the whole arrangement. Do not cut the stems too short as it will spoil the beauty of the bouquet. Just make sure that the whole arrangement looks uniform. If it is not cut or remove unwanted parts. To add the finishing touches to the bouquet and make it more attractive, you can add decorative ribbons. This way, the bouquet can be presented in a better way. So, next time you have a lucky flower delivery or other flowers at home, just dry them and make a beautiful dry bouquet!


Flowers are always a nice gift that will please both the recipient and the sender. If you too want to give your loved ones a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, why not make it yourself? It will make them feel loved. If you want to congratulate a special person, have congratulatory flowers delivered, dry those flowers and make a beautiful bouquet. It is easy to express your love and care for flowers. So let these flowers say what they always wanted to say!

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