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Ballard Designs Reviews

Your home is a sanctuary, a place where you can make memories and express yourself.

And that’s exactly what Ballard Designs reviews can help you do.

This brand is more than just a place where you can buy home furnishings. Here you’ll find inspiration, excitement, and everything you need to make your home decor dreams come true.

Ballard Designs offers a unique selection from all eras and with a distinct European flair. They rework traditional designs with a modern approach so items appear both new and timeless.

The designers regularly travel the world in search of new fashion, color and style trends, which they transform into exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Today, there are over 300 pieces that you can customize from the finish to the fabric. With Ballard, you can customize any project.

With the Ballard Designs promo code, you’ll find fantastically affordable items for fashionable outdoor spaces. No detail is too small to be considered in our relentless pursuit of lasting excellence, from authentic hand-applied finishes and excellent upholstery to dovetailed drawers and bench-made frames. We are so confident that you will enjoy your purchase from Ballard Designs that we offer the industry’s largest warranty on every item.

Ballard Designs – High Quality Materials

Ballard Designs sells value-priced items that can be prohibitively expensive for budget-conscious buyers. Generally, their wood furniture features more miniature particle board and more solid wood elements. Most of them have veneered or treated surface layers. Comfort furniture, on the other hand, has a variety of upholstery options, such as synthetic and natural textiles and polyfoam upholstery.

Sofa Collection

1- Baldwin Collection

Ballard Designs discount code

Baldwin Upholstered Sofa – Price: $381.65 – $3,358.35 at Ballard Designs

In the Baldwin collection, the rolled and fitted armrests, pleated skirt and deep cushions offer unparalleled comfort. You can customize it with over 350 fabrics in upholstered and cushioned styles. Don’t forget to use our exclusive Ballard Designs promo code at checkout.

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2- Candace Collection

Ballard Designs discount code

Candace Upholstered Sofa – Price: $2,999.00 – $5,379.00 at Ballard Designs

For an update that adds sophisticated elegance to the Candace collection, plush back cushions, a wide seat and a sophisticated pleated skirt are framed by minimalist armrests. You can customize it with over 350 materials.

3- Dakota Collection

Ballard Designs discount code

Dakota Sofa Cover – Price: $1,049 – $3,874 at Ballard Designs

The Dakota collection offers just the right amount of depth and support with contoured armrests, a deep bench and triple back cushions on the sofa. The cover has a straight, tight skirt for a clean look. You can customize it with over 350 fabrics.

4- Cameron Collection

Cameron Upholstered Sofa – Price: $2,799 – $4,932 at Ballard Designs

The Cameron Collection’s curved armrests and exposed tapered legs add a modern touch to the classically proportioned T-shaped seat. You can customize it with over 350 materials.

Ballard Designs’ Best Selection

When it comes to the items that Ballard Designs customers rave about the most, there are a few typical requests that customers always make. We’ll review the top picks and discuss the specifics of their offerings.


Ballard Designs discount code

Conway Hand-knotted Rug – Price: $1,599 – $3,999 at Ballard Designs

Customers are most often looking for rugs from Ballard Designs. Ballard Designs has over 175 different rugs to choose from. The rugs have a European and classic look and are available in a variety of materials including rayon, polypropylene, jute and more. Prices for these rugs range from moderate to high, and many are imported from Europe.


Ballard Designs discount code

Audrey Outdoor Sconce – Price: $229.00 – $299.00 at Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs lighting fixtures and chandeliers are next on the list. Ballard Designs offers over 300 different lamps, fixtures and chandeliers. The design is regal and classic, and they are available in painted or polished metal. Customers appreciate the aesthetics of these designs and comment positively on the overall low prices.

Bar Stool:

Ballard Designs discount code

Bailey Woven Stool – Price: $399 – $429 at Ballard Designs

New bar chairs and counter stools are another frequent request from Ballard Designs customers. At Ballard Designs, you can choose from over 70 different bar stools. In most cases, these stools have painted wood legs and upholstered covers with a variety of fabric patterns.

Side Chairs:

Ballard Designs discount code

Shiloh Spool Chair – Price: $1,549 – $2,229 at Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs has some intriguing accent chairs for sale that would work well in a classic living room or bedroom. Most of these alternatives are upholstered and available in a variety of color palettes and pattern choices. With an average price of less than $1000, they are mid-priced.

In addition to the main categories listed above, Ballard Designs offers a wide selection of other home furnishing items including:

  • Curtains
  • Mirrors
  • Linens
  • Coffee Tables
  • Mattresses and headboards

My review of Ballard Designs

It was high time for a new home! We haven’t had new furniture in 20 years. So when Erin moved to Dallas, we sent some of her furniture to her new place and sold others to my friend Allison for her lake house. Knowing it would be 20 years before we bought new furniture again, I decided to go with high-end furniture, despite my husband’s objections. But in the end, he was thrilled. He gave me a budget to work with, and it wasn’t very high. I had the new blue velvet sofa and club chair custom made at a local design store. Then I ran out of money…. BUT I NEEDED TWO MORE CHAIRS!!! What would the seating arrangement look like for everyone?

In the fall, I refreshed my bedding and decorated with these Ballard Designs pillows and a bench. I was impressed with the quality, look and feel of all three products.

Ballard Designs customer feedback

“The Ballard Designs team in Atlanta was very helpful in helping me purchase a floor chandelier that was expiring. Miss Lisa and Scott were two of the employees who helped me close the deal. It’s fantastic to have a store where you can see so many items in the catalog in person. I am always very satisfied with my purchases at Ballard. “Today I had to return a product. It could not have been more enjoyable or easier. We also enjoyed looking at the beautiful items on display. There is so much to see in a store, but everything is so well laid out that it doesn’t feel cramped! I love shopping here!”