Alalastyle Review 2023: Feel the Fitness

When it comes to stylish, luxurious activewear, Alala has established itself as one of the market leaders.  Their signature NYC style is the perfect choice for those looking for something fashionable and simple with a twist.  I’ve been buying and wearing Alala since they were brand new on the scene in 2014.  Over the years I have tried and worn many, many styles.  Alala is still one of my absolute favorite brands that I return to time and time again.  If you don’t know the brand yet, here are my tips to find the right model for you.

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For comparison, I’m 5’7″ and usually wear a size XS at Alala and a size 0 for regular streetwear.

Alala Tops Size Chart

The size chart for Alala tops is pretty simple and forgiving.  In general, Alala tops either run true to size or are a bit looser.  Most tops are designed for a looser fit.  If you are between sizes, choose one size larger for a lighter fit or one size smaller for a tighter fit.

Most of Alala’s bras have medium or low support and generally run true to size.  Alala only uses compression sports bras and does not currently offer encapsulated styles.  Some have slots to insert removable cups, but not all.  In my experience, bras in size XS usually fit like a 32 or even 34 band bra.  The exception is bras made of seamless material, which usually run one size smaller.

For more details, test long bras and love bras, test mesh tanks and sweatshirts.

Alala Performance Tights Sizing

Pro Tutu Studio > Performance Jersey > Mens White Footed Performance Tights

When it comes to fit, Alala uses different fabrics, each of which gives a different fit.  Here are the differences.

Flagship fabric

Models: captain tights and crops, vamp tights and crops, reef tights, and many more.

This fabric doesn’t have a name, but I’ve called it the flagship fabric because Alala uses it for the vast majority of its solid color and printed functional tights.  The solid color and printed fabric are slightly different, but have the same fit, which is why I’m reviewing both here.

Alala’s pants made from this fabric run true to size.  If you’re wavering between two sizes or can’t decide, I recommend going with a smaller size.

In general, the solid fabric is smooth, silky, and feels cool rather than cottony.  It feels more luxurious than many other similar fabrics.  The fabric has a slight compression and provides a bit of support without being constricting.  It doesn’t wrinkle and is very breathable, making it suitable for high friction activities with lots of sweat like running and spinning.

Alala’s printed fabric is very similar to the solid fabric, except it has a slightly different feel.  It is even silkier and has a little less print than the solid fabric.  It is very stretchy, making it great for high-movement activities like yoga.

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Avia Women's Performance Ankle Tights with Side Pockets -

Liquid Fabric

Styles Liquid Captain Crops and Tights, Primary Tight

All of Alala’s liquid bottoms run about a half size smaller.  Remember to go up a size, especially if you are between sizes.  The fabric is a little less stretchy, so it offers a little more support than the flagship fabric above.  I love the liquid fabric because not only does it look elegant, but it’s also very flattering.  My liquid bottoms are some of my favorite pieces.

For more details: liquid captain tights review

Compression fabric

Models: Compression Captain 7/8 Tight, Heroine Tight

Compression fabric is fantastic.  There aren’t many models made from this fabric, but the ones that are available are big winners.  Keep in mind that compression fabric runs a full size smaller.  Therefore, take one size larger.  Since the fabric is, well, compressive, it’s best suited for strenuous activities.  For studio workouts like yoga or barre, I recommend the flagship fabric instead.  For more detailed, model-specific information, I’ve extensively tested both the Compression Captains and Heroine Tights.

For more details, Compression Captain 7/8 Tight review and Heroine Tight review.

My personal favorites

Captain Crops and Tights | I have collected over 10 pairs of Captain Crops and Tights.  They were part of Alala’s very first collection and have stood the test of time ever since.  For good reason: they are SO flattering and simply stunning, and of course, functional.  As a petite girl, I personally prefer the crops and 7/8 length over the ankle length version.  If you only buy one thing from Alala, it’s a pair of captains!

City Puffer Jacket | I own two of these jackets and have been wearing them for 4 winters now.  I love them to death.  As with any quality outerwear, it’s a small investment, but it’s so warm and just looks unapologetically cool.

Tie back long sleeve | This style is a cousin to the mesh tank shown above.  Although it has long sleeves, it’s very lightweight, making it suitable for warmer temperatures.  When you wear this top with any outfit, it instantly looks upgraded.  For extra style points, you can pair this top with an eye-catching sports bra, such as a beautiful print or a cool strap design.

Rise Dolman | This material is soooo soft and comfortable.  I love its fit, and it’s the perfect layer for going to and from the gym, running errands, or around the house.  One of my favorite layers.

Mesh Tank | This tank is a true all-arounder.  It’s so airy that you feel like you’re not wearing a shirt at all, which is perfect for hot days.  The higher neckline means you can wear it with any bra.  I have several colors, but my favorite is white – it makes any outfit pop.